I love making ceramics. The potter's wheel enables me to create whatever I want and I feel in harmony with the material while doing rt. Experimenting with the various combinations of clays, each one with its own personality, colour, texture and plasticity excites my curiosity so that it becomes more important than the final product. When I open the kiln I always feel intensely, either positively or negatively, according to the results. Fire is our judge and decides on the execution of our work by gratifying us, or stimulating us to do better. All of this runs the risk of becoming a sort of autism in which I enjoy what I do while others can not comprehend, having no experience of doing. To find a way out of this situation I resolved to create something of everyday use to which one can become attached. Starting from revisiting the jug, an object to be found on most tables, I did some research for a way to eliminate the handle while at the same time creating a modern and ergonomic object; but not a serial one, such as what connotes the noughties. This research created the regalina: a bizarre but functional object. Hens have symbolic value the world over, while red clay and low fire colours are part of our tradition; these objects are therefore universal and ultra-local. I like the idea of forcing the public to make a choice, this is why each regalina is different in shape and decoration. I wish that this, together with new projects for the future, would cure us of our autism while delighting people.
antonio bonaldi